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Arcade Machines 1980!


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This project will appeal to anyone who loves the classic arcade games of the 1980's. It includes five machines that could be sold separately or grouped together into a larger set.

This includes:

  • Stand up arcade machine with joystick control
  • Stand up arcade machine with driving wheel control
  • Cocktail arcade machine with stools for seated playing
  • Classic change machine with dollar slot and coin tray
  • Classic gumball machine filled with 1x1 round plate gumballs!

If licensing was acquired, Lego could theme the arcade machines to existing classic games such as Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Zaxxon, and include stickers for the marquees. This could expand into a larger theme that includes many famous games that still have a following today.

These machines would really stand out on display shelves and attract a lot of attention from Lego enthusiasts of all ages. Many Lego builders like myself grew up obsessed with video games and would naturally gravitate towards kits that feature nostalgic arcade machines from their childhood.

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