Lord of the Rings 'Planets'

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As you can see above my concept creation is essentially a miniature model of Rivendell from The Lord Of The Rings (modified).

It is inspired by the current Star Wars planets mini sets which include a mini vehicle and mini figure along with a planet for around 100 pieces.

I would envisage this set along with a similar ball container or 'Palantir', the same as the planets, but keeping with the LOTR theme. I will also be working on a number of iconic LOTR mini locations to go along with this set as part of a series.

I have enjoyed many of the planets sets and as a fan of the LOTR myself I would love to have a mini version of some of the most iconic locations from the films to sit on my desk or as neat gift and can only hope the cuusoo community feels the same!

I would also add that some brick choices could be reduced (to lower brick count) or changed and colours are all preference at the moment. I will also apologise for my rendering of Elrond using the limited choice!

Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoy!


I have decided to add a few more work in progress pieces of some of the less well replicated locations. Again I will stress this is proof of concept largely and I will attempt to make improvements. The limited photo count means some of the detail is difficult to show.

The mini figure includued is very open to change and is mostly a compromise using LDD parts.

Any feedback please feel free to leave a comment and as always get voting!

Thanks for the support.

Above is a simple rendering of Minas Morgul. It's a shame the pale green light is so hard to re-create but I wanted to attempt this one as it seems little re-produced on the site. The figure is a simple Morgul Orc to demonstrate that minifigures need not be exclusives or characters.

Above is a rendering of Weathertop. Again a classic location little re-produced and at around 100 pieces I was able to include fair amount of detail including a tell tale hobbit fire near the base! The figure again is subject to change and could easilybe replaced with a hobbit.