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Miniature Candle Collection

For all candle and relaxation lovers... Let's spread the atmospheric joy!!

The set contains nine individual candles.

Pieces: 342

For the base design, I have chosen to use the tan and flesh colours to achieve a modern look and resemble a wooden finish.

As for each of the wax colours, I believe the contrast and visual appeal is just as important for real candles as well as the scent.

As well as the traditional White, I have chosen to use deep colours with strong depth, as they represent real candle wax perfectly and also blend really well with the base colour design.

The colours are...

Dark Turquoise
Dark Red
Dark Green
Dark Blue
Pearl Gold

Last but not least, the lighter colour to compliment the White, is Bright Light Yellow, as it has a very warm and welcoming appearance with a vanilla resemblance.

And of course, they don't have any scent, but you could certainly imagine the aroma 😃

Whether you display them altogether or spread them out around your home, there's sure to be a colour to match every mood, setting or even that special occasion.

I think this would make a great display piece and or gift set that would also contribute to LEGO's continuous expansion into different themes and concepts.

Finally, I would like to say a massive thank you in advance for any support!! It really is greatly appreciated. Let's keep building!!

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