Product Idea

The Throne Room

          This is the throne room of the king of Rondale, a key kingdom in my book that gives aid to the main three characters. They have a small army, but all of the soldiers are highly trained. There are three minifigures, and a total of 310 pieces in this set. The three minfigures are the king, and two of his bodyguards. The three colors of this kingdom are gold, dark red, and green. The sword that the king hold is called, hrondell, which in the Dwarvish translates as safety. The sword has been passed down to all of the kings so far, and will continue to be passed down until the end of time.

          The main resources in this kingdom are gold, coal, and iron. They have struck an allegiance with the dwarves because of their skill in mining. In return, they offer the dwarves their protection, and part of the ore that they dig up. Any dwarves who work in the mines also get paid ten percent of what they find.

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