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Space Pirates 2199


This ship was designed in around the year of my birth in 1974, again by the legandary Leiji Matsumoto, who also designed the Captain Harlock's space pirate ship, which I provided a link to here a sister ship if you will to this ship. You can also see it in the final image number 8, in a little example of turned turrets side by side scale and size comparison of both ships, which I designed with same style stands so as they could be displayed as pair, similar build styles etc.. This submission is for the Space 2199 ship at 2946 pieces only. Again here is a link below for the Arcadia.

This ship is very large in a very tight small scale, no mini figures, say maybe two and a half feet long, considering I estimated the Arcadia was only two feet long and as you can see in size comparison in image number 8 this ship is much taller and about 6 inches longer.

There are three bridges on this ship, via the two on main com tower, and yet another on the middle bottom section of the ship in the upside down position. It appears to double as an escape pod perhaps, or a seperate docked ship perhaps. 

Affiliation Earth Defense Force (Earth Federation)

Launched 2199

Decommissioned 2203, Recommissioned in 2220

General characteristics

Maximum speed 50 Space Knots

Fighters Cosmo Tiger, Cosmo Zero, Cosmo Pulsar, Cosmo Pulsar Bomber, Cosmo Falcon, 

Auxiliary craft, hospital and medical shuttles, Type-100 Scout, Cosmo Seagull. 


1.Wave Motion Gun

2.Shock cannons

3.Pulse lasers

4.Missile silos


1.Reflective shield

2.Air-tight Cover

3.Missile barrier shields

4.Wave-motion Shield

PropulsionWave Motion Engine

Mass 62,000 tons

Length 285.8 Meters

Thanks as always for the view and or vote, and as always drop me a link for any build submission and I will give it my honest evaluation.