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The Dragon Boat


Are you ready for a ride?

Say hello to the newest boat, the Dragon Boat. It features a removable cabin cover, and a removable base. In the cabin, there is room for up to 4 mini-figures. The motor is based off an actual motor and rotates up and down. This boat is playable, as the boat can be easily removed from the base and easily reattached to the base. But the Dragon Boat is also displayable, as you can display this on a desk or a shelf.

Why I built this:

I built this because I wanted to. I started with a base then modified it to match a boat's curvature. Then it was only a matter of days and a few reference images to finish the boat.The reason I named it 'Dragon Boat' is because I used a part in the front that had a dragon sticker. Overall, I enjoyed creating the Dragon Boat because I got very accurate to the reference images. 

I really believe this would be a great set because of the multiple functions. It is playable, and displayable. It has a rotating engine. It has a removable cover and overall, is very cool looking. I think it would be a great conversation piece and if you think so too, click that support button and spread the word.

Thanks for your time and support!

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