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Modular Hospital


LEGO Modular Hospital

This modular hospital set is designed to provide a hospital for a LEGO enthusiast's city. It has 3 floors to provide adequate medical treatment to a city's population. On the ground floor, there is a reception desk with a desk, computer and chair, a waiting area with seating and a painting and a ramp to allow a stretcher to be wheeled into a fully functional elevator (inspired by the Town Hall set). On the first floor, another desk and computer is included for the doctor to record medical notes. 4 beds with drips and accompanying monitoring machines are included as part of the patient's ward. On the second floor is an operating theatre with an operating bed, operating lamp with a monitor, surgical equipment attached to the walls and a small table is included. There is also a door which provides direct access to the helipad where a medical helicopter could directly drop off patients for immediate surgery. 


I would also propose that this set would include 7 minifigures (not featured): 1x surgeon (male) in scrubs, mask and surgery cap; 2x doctors (1 male & 1 female) in stethoscope scrubs and with a needle; 1x receptionist (female) in professional business outfit; 1x patient (male) with cast on leg with crotches; 1x patient (male) with arm injury; and 1x paramedic (female) with standard white medical uniform with staff insignia and wheeled-stretcher. 

For vehicle additions to this set, a medical helicopter (not featured) may be designed and included to fit the dimensions of the helipad on the second floor. 


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