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Space Fighter SIG-PF-01


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The Space Fighter SIG-PF-01 is an intergalactical interceptor. Its name SIG-PF-01 is the abréviation of SIGma Polyvalent Fighter 01.

Lego Caracteristic

Contains 235 bricks of Lego.

The cockpit can be opened and closed as landing gears.

It was realised in a first time with real lego's bricks and in a second time with Lego Digital Designer to make changes and improve it.

One pilot is inclued with the space ship.

Space Ship Caracteristic

Shape of this interceptor in a Sigma (Σ) that's why its code name is SIG-PF-01 with SIG for sigma. It's a polyvalent fighter because of its severals weapons. The SIG-PF-01 has 2 classic machine guns on the wings for the fight on atmospher to target troup on the floor , 2 plasma cannon ahead to destroy magnetics shields , and finally there are 4 proton canon behind wings for the intergalactilcal fight with others interceptors enemies .

SIG-PF-01 has two amovibal shields. They can use as shields or as fin in the atmospere to increase stability and maneuvrability during fights .



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