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Operation: Steam Knights - Changeling "Phoenix"


In a realm of magic the wise men and elves have invented steam technology, these walking suits of armour have been dubbed "Steam Knights".

Name: Duke Cyndurr
Species: Human
Known History: Cyndurr was once high among the Wyvern sect, till he realised that an evil force was manipulating their visions and leading their world to disaster. Having exposed the evil he was unable to convince his allies of the wrong they were doing and in desperation sought the aid of the elves of Fire Mountain.

The fire elves, who had long known of the dark threat manipulating the Wyvern clan, took pity on the wretched fallen knight and granted him one wish. He wished for the power to restore the honour of his clan and save the world. Laughing at the audacity to try and cheat two wishes phrased as one the elves granted his wish, casting his Steam Knight armour into the lava pits of Fire Mountain, only for it to be reborn as the seemingly unstoppable Phoenix Steam Knight Changeling.

But powered by the element of fire and the magic of elves, this lost Wyvern Clan member finds his quest to free his people and save the world more difficult than ever as he no longer belongs with the very knights he seeks to save.

Forced to forge an alliance with his former enemy Emperor Rex, Cyndurr becomes one of the courts most powerful allies. But also one of its most lonely.



Set Description:

Made up of 255 bricks.

includes knight figure - Cyndurr.

Fully transformable armour, turns from Phoenix to knight mode.

Features detachable sword.

Front section can be unhinged to remove pilot.


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