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Vulture Helicopter


I present you the Vulture Helicopter. This helicopter is a large vehicle sporting a total of 808 bricks, and it is 78 studs in length from Back to tip of the Front Rotor. Landing struts fold up under the wing span, which holds clip on rockets. The cockpit is fully detailed, showing control screen instruments and a control stick. on the right hand side of the cockpit.

Its design was inspired by toys I had when I was growing up, and as such I put a lot of work into translating the enjoyment I had as a child into designing a new toy for future generations to also enjoy. This model design works also for collectors of Lego I feel as it would make a great display piece as well.

If I had to change anything with help from the Lego Team, I would ask for assistance to create a better landing gear set up, just so it would fold up a little more streamlined into the under carriage.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed building it.

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