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Dark Wizard Tower


Welcome to the Dark Wizard Tower!  Designed in the Gothic style, this structure gives the aura of evil and despair the moment you set eyes on it.  This build features 1574 bricks, three stories, and many interesting details that make the design come to life and make it fun to play with.  In addition, all the floors detach and you can play inside them individually.  As you approach the giant double front doors, you'll notice the overhanging second-floor balcony, from which evil characters can overlook their lair and coming intruders.  Moss covers the exterior of the tower, giving it a wild and mysterious look.  Beautiful picture windows, which extend up the full three stories, add exterior appeal.  Three turrets with flags (black of course!) as well as a larger, winding staircase tower, complete the exterior look.  

Level One: As you pass through the front doors into the entryway, you will notice the kitchen with dining table, assorted dishes and food, a rack complete with a full suit of armor, shelves to hold various wizard hats, and a spiral staircase with a central pillar, which leads to the second floor and allows you to move through each story of the Dark Wizard Tower.  The flooring on the main level boasts a menacing skull tile design.

Level Two: Passing up to the second floor via the winding staircase in the corner tower, you will enter the laboratory where the Dark Wizard concocts his potions and magic spells.  It includes several types of chemicals and vials, crystals, scientific equipment for experiments, and a map of the area around the tower.  This level also serves as the bedchamber of the Dark Wizard.  From here you may walk out onto the front balcony to survey the surrounding rocky terrain.  This level also gives you access to the dungeon above, via the ladder system.

Level Three:  As you ascend the ladder, you will enter into the dungeon room.  There are three corner cells, with iron bars to keep unwanted intruders and prisoners safely locked away.  One dungeon contains a skeleton.

I designed the Dark Wizard Tower because I wanted to explore building some architectural designs from different eras, and the Gothic Period was appealing because of its interesting style.  From there, I was considering who might inhabit such a place, and the Dark Wizard idea was born.  I think it is a good concept, because it combines some interesting and visually appealing designs with a creative and fun character to play with.  I think it is a great idea for Lego, because many side stories could come from this idea, and many ages will enjoy it.

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