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Caveman Family


The Caveman; a theme that we have gotten minifigures for over the past few years, and many fans want to live out more of their story! What better way than providing them with a prehistoric family and home?

At around 1470 pieces, the cave has many features including a turtle shell to hold food, the first stone wheels ever chiseled, several suitable locations for cave art stickers to add color and detail to the interior, and even a spider web blocking a side tunnel that decends deeper into the cave.

A full caveman family is also present; from a fur-printed toddler who likes to get into mischief, to a gray-haired elder who doesn’t understand his children and grandchildren with their sophisticated tools and weapons; back in his day all you needed was a good leg bone to wallop a rat. And let’s not forget what could possibly be the first dog ever domesticated.

Overall, I wanted to design a set that would be a little educational, a little more inspirational, and just a lot of fun; and I think this set will deliver by letting a little archeologist take their imagination 40,000 years ago when prehistoric families have been making leaps and bounds with stone-age tools and weapons.

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