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Halloween Set


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Since Halloween is one of the seasons I love most, I've decided to make my first project alusive to it! :)

I know that there are already plenty of ideas for Halloween but why not give it a try and see what will become of it!
I'm still learning and finding out how it works, but I think that for first project it's not that bad! ;)

So, I love Halloween monsters, pumpkins and all of the Halloween stuff, and decided to create a set that included some minifigures, a creepy house and of course a pumpkin, wanted it orange but couldn't find a way to change the color on the main program, so the pumpkin color is red...

It was fun and rejoyful to build, it's not a complicated set, instead of making the roof with the roof bricks I've maded them with the classic LEGO bricks, the ones I used as a child! :)

As you can see it has 3 minifigures, a cat and a spider, and inside of the house I've putted a Mummy, a coffin and some barrels.

Hope you like it! :)

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