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Family House

This is a Family house with a bike, a mom, a dad, a kid, a baby, a grandpa, and a dog. Not only does this have 5 minifigures, but it also has plenty to do inside.

Inside this house you will find a whole kitchen with a table, 2 chairs, a mirror, and food.
You can move everything inside around by simply opening up the roof.

I built it because currently there aren’t many LEGO sets that have ordinary houses, and if you are building a town or city an ordinary house would be helpful.

This house is:

  • Great to have in your house
  • One with an openable roof
  • Made with a lot of unique building techniques
  • 11, 15/16 x 10, 10/16 x 5, 1/16 inches (30.3 x 27.0 x 12.1 cm)
  • One with many doors and windows
  • A harder build for a great result

Rare pieces include:

  • Mirror
  • Baby minifigure
  • Baby carrier
  • Pizza pie
  • Pizza box
  • Three trophies
  • Chicken
  • Bread
  • Cabinet with drawers
  • Bicycle

If you want this house to be in your home please support, thank you.

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