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The Giving Tree


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It's the 50th Anniversary of this classic story by Shel SilverStein. It's always been open to interpretation as to just what the story is trying to tell the reader. The Giving Tree, a story about a tree who undeniably gives all it's love and literal self to a boy his whole life. Regardless, it still remains one of the most recognized and cherished works of children's literature today. I read this book as child and learned many things from it that I think effected me in so many positive ways. It happens to be one of my family's favorite children's books and there are so many others that I know have been effected deeply by this wonderful story. I think this is a great proposal as a Lego set because of the valuable lessons that would come in building it for new generations and reminders for those that have already come to know and love the story.

This is my second Lego Ideas submission and as with my last, I like to build with real/tangible bricks as opposed to the Lego Digital Designer program. In going that route, I tried to capture the spirit of the book and what it means to all it's fans as best as currently available Lego molds and colors allow. There were a couple parts that weren't that easily available but that's what I find excites me and motivates me sometimes to create a project. I find that I love discovering just the right part to get the closest to my vision of what a project should be in Lego form.  It's my hope that if this becomes an actual Lego set, that it becomes a lesson for expanding children's generosity if bought as a toy or that it becomes a reminder of how much we as individuals still have left to give every day if bought as a display piece for adults or fans of the book. I'm planning on some future updates on a couple other ideas I had for this set but I really wanted to start sharing this with you all as soon as possible with my limited schedule. The important thing with these projects is to not only support it, but then share it on social media, again and again-over and over. 

Couple of things to note:

-The tree's arm is bendable and flexible. 

-The tree's arm swivels if you would like to reposition the boy.

-My proposal should this reach review, is that Lego make the boys shirt a primary green color with red overalls pattern as well as red shorts on the legs. All other flesh parts should be white to keep with the spirit of the classic book's artwork.

Please check out the short video of the project I created at:

Also, if you happened to wander here unrelated to my previous project, then please take a look and support that one as well! Happy building and remember to keep giving!

Thank you all so much!

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