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Mediopadana High-Speed Station


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The Architecture

Reggio Emilia High Speed Mediopadana is the only railway station in the High Speed line between Milan and Bologna, about 4 km from the centre of Reggio Emilia. Its strategic location underlines its role of “door station”, which is crucial for the regional, national and international mobility system.

The new railway structure, in parallel position to highway A1, the most crowded of Italy, will be one of the most seen architectural works in Europe. The project by the famous spanish architect Santiago Calatrava – also the author of the 3 bridges over the highway – is now the identification element of the city.

The new station is a steel structure that covers the High Speed line, the passenger platforms and the ramps to the ground floor. Reggio Emilia High Speed Mediopadana is articulated on two levels: the lower level provides the station services and can be accessed from outside, and the upper level hosts the tracks. The roofing is composed of a repeated sequence of 13 portals that alternate, generating a series of 457 moving waves.

Basic Info                 Dimensions: 69cm x 30cm x 16,5cm         Number of pieces: 3978


I built this model using Lego Digital Designer (LDD).

Obviously, the most important thing is the exterior structure, with the white bars angled to seem waves. I have scrupulously observed the two different prospects of the structure, trying to reproduce them as accurately as possible: infact the highway side presents bars of different length, while the frontal side has bars of the same length, but with different heights above the ground level and different angulations. The entrance is covered by a shelter built with horizontal bars.

At the lower level, I’ve shown only the ticket offices. On the upper level, there are two railway tracks separated by a vertical grating. To connect the lower and the upper level, there are two stairs and an elevator.

I hope you’ll like my LEGO creation and you’ll want to visit the station in Reggio Emilia. Comments and questions about this model are greatly appreciated.

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