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Orbital Defender

Alarms blare on the starbase, calling all ships to scramble! Asteroids are hurtling towards the planet below and the Orbital Defenders must fly out to stop them! Powerful energy beams and torpedoes will make short work of the galactic rocks and then back to base for a well earned rest for the pilots. With four oversized rocket engines there is no way any wayward meteor (or pesky alien attacker) can escape from the Orbital Defender!

This ship came into being because I found one specific wing piece in the LDD that I really wanted to use. BOOM! Spaceship!

Detail of folding landing gear.

She isn't a big ship, but she is fast!

A color variation I particularly enjoy. I have a bunch though, black and red, blue, grey and yellow (Benny would love it!), green and black. So many choices... This image is of a slightly different ship though, as the area behind the canopy changed a bit for the final Grey and Orange model shown above.

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