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Arabian Village


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"Arabian village" is a project created to transfer a dream of mine in the LEGO world: I always hope to visit that places sooner or later! I've also had a passion: to build dioramas. So I combined the two and the result is what you see.
Maybe someone else has my own passions , who knows...

I started to build the single houses: there are four different kind of them, but all have the typical flat roof.

The H1 it's composed by 201 bricks and has an external staircase to reach the upstairs.

The H2, composed by 312 bricks, is a building with a portico, under which there are the "stores".

The H3 and H4 have only one floor and are composed by 73 and 92 bricks. H3 could be a stable.

I assemble them in a village, with a regular shape, but obviously it' possible to change orography and make the hamlet in another way.

Finally I finally i added a landscape with a little river with a wood bridge, palm trees and rocks (the desert beginning).

The "rocky area" is composed by 884 pieces. Rocks are partially covered by the sand of the desert and scarce vegetation. Near the river many more palm trees and more green grass. 

Finally the base under the village is composed by 391 bricks.

I've also tried to create some camel and few sheep.

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