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Welcome to Night Vale: Cecil's Studio


The Triptych

Our vignette is now a triptych. Joining Carlos and Cecil is Khoshekh, hovering by the sink in the Men's Bathroom.

Major changes:

Added Khoshekh bathroom scene, complete with weird, old-fashioned toilet.

Minor Changes:

Cecil's sound board has been improved, creating some more playability and visual interest at his station.

Carlos' chair has been improved somewhat, and although I'm pretty confident the not-working time is the best possible Carlos experiment, the House That Isn't Real is also here for your approval.



We Heard Your Comments

"Where's Carlos? Where's Khoshekh?" I've heard you questions, and I've decided to address them. In this update I've removed the BLOOD STONE CIRCLE and replaced it with a more poignant character scene--Carlos' laboratory, while he listens to the radio and does experiments. I have a few ideas about what he would keep on his desk.

1) Complicated machinery

2) Shelves with chemicals and devices

3) a clock that doesn't work

4) a model of the Nonexistent House from the Desert Creek Housing Development, out back of the elementary school

You can check out these ideas over at my blog and tell me which one you think is best in the comments!

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