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H-17 Surveillance Drone


The H-17 Surveillance Drone is a specially equipped drone created by the Safety and Security Branch of HighCorp to pin-point crime or disasters, then send the first responders just a bit quicker to the scene.

This build consists of a wing pack which is mounted on the upper dorsal side of the drone, an armored helmet which protects the navigational and surveillance sensors mounted inside the drones humanoid "head", a central charging station located on the chest of the drone, and a charge readout display on the lower right leg. The wing pack has 2 wing flaps mounted on the sides, 1 guide tail attached to the rear of the pack, and 2 turboprops secured to the inner edges of the wing flaps. Also to increase the playability of the build, each section of the limbs has positionable joints allowing the user to pose the drone in many positions.

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