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Cyberpunk Spaceship


100 Supporters and New Helmet!

W00t! 100 Supporters! That's great! I really appreciate the support that Cyberpunk Spaceship has received. Thanks for the comments, supports, follows, and shares on social media!

I've been listening to the comments, and a few folks have asked for a change in the outfit, specifically the helmet. So without further ado, here is the new helmet in the Space Marine style. I went with Titanium metallic for the helmet, so there would be a metallic sheen. I also gave Ohmra some dark stone grey pants to break up all the black--still punk, but with a softer edge :)

Thanks, everyone! BuildFiend :)



50 Supporters and Weapons!

Hey guys! I just wanted to say thanks for the support! I'm proud to say that "Cyberpunk Spaceship" has already achieved 50 supporters! Amazing! If you like the project, please comment, support, follow, and share! Let's get the word out!

Also, I wanted to make a small update to the design! An early supporter made a comment that armaments were needed. I thought about the suggestion, and ultimately agreed! The Far Ring is a dangerous place, so armaments might be necessary even on smaller ships!

So...Cyberpunk Spaceship has a couple of laser cannons on the wings now! They are on a ball socket, so they are totally adjustable! Small armaments for sure, but Cyberpunk Spaceship (No.1) is a ship made for speed and stealth, so they will do just fine! I think their addition is in line with the concept, and I think they look like they belong...

By the way, I am thinking of designing more ships in this universe and continuing the storyline! So stay tuned! Here are some screenshots of the changes! When we get to 100, I'll do a new render!

Ohmra installing the new weapons! A girl's got to protect herself!

Sweet little laser cannons--small, but they pack a wallop!

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