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JNR Class 8620 Steam Locomotive

Creator Description:
The JNR Class 8620 is a classic Japanese passenger locomotive that was build from 1914 to 1929. The train has now been converted to a 1/1 LEGO minifigure scale model with a simple and clean display base.

Reasons for building the build:
This train comes from an animation film that I really like, and so... yeah I had to build it straight away. The model is built from actual blueprints and pictures of the train. The actual functionality of the train is actually unknown and has not been tested. I went deeper for the details of the train than the functionality. So this means that the train is more for display, than for playing.
I mean that LEGO doesn't have LEGO sets with steam locomotives that are highly detailed and suitable for display views. Therefore, would this train satisfy people who like steam locomotives for display

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