Product Idea

Lego Friends: Monica's Apartment

The 90's was a great time to be alive. Music and technology were advancing, but most importantly, a television series that aired weekly for 10 years on NBC would soon leave a cultural impact upon the world forever. Friends, a sitcom that told of the ups and downs within a group of friends living large in New York, played an important role is shaping society and kept an audience engaged with 236 episodes to date. Even though the show had ended 10 years ago, fans have demanded the creators to reboot the hit T.V. show, or perhaps make a movie! However, it seems unlikely that it will ever so happen... To commemorate Friends for its success, I give to you, Monica's Apartment, a diorama of a key setting inside the show of Friends


This Lego set has been created by many other fans and put right here on Lego Ideas. In fact, last year was when I first revealed this set to the world, however with only 142 supporters I knew that it was too late to gain 10,000. This devastated me drastically because being my first Lego Ideas set and putting so much time into it, I had just watched my aspirations get lost in thousands of other Lego Idea sets... I knew I couldn't give up though... Sorry it took so long, but we were on a break! Now comes the remastered version, fully updated and revised for further consideration.

The Details

Friends is known for using bright colors in their sets to make scenes pop with vibrant style, and this Lego set proves to be no different. Every detail in this set was carefully recreated, which required constant observations of each episode in the series. Monica's apartment is packed with a fully decorated kitchen, a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and bath, as well as a balcony in which all the friends can hang out and look across to spy on Ugly Naked Guy, or even Ross!

Technic Pieces

This project required days of constant work, however at the end of the process, I found it hard to let the Friends set end here. With each end of the walls in the set, I have utilized technic pieces (much like in Modular buildings) to make it compatible to connect rooms such as Monica's and Rachel's. and even the other apartment which belongs to Joey and Chandler! Friends is a legacy that should forever be remembered, and what better way then to continue to release sets for the show?

Your Support Can Help Unlock More!

You like Friends? Well tell all of yours to come support this franchise and set, and you could possibly help unlock more sets that I have built!

500 Supporters ~ Monica's Bedroom 

1,000 Supporters ~ Rachel's Bedroom

5,000 Supporters ~ Joey's and Chandler's Apartment and Bedrooms

9,000 Supporters ~ Central Perk with Gunther!