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Mystery Science Theater 3000: Satellite of Love


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This is the Satellite of Love, as seen in the beloved television comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000, otherwise known as MST3K.  For the first few seasons, the show centers around lead protagonist Joel Robinson, later he is replaced by Mike Nelson in the lead role.  The lead character is kept company by his robot friends GypsyCrow T. Robot, Tom Servo, and Cambot.  Crow and Tom Servo join Joel and Mike in the theater where they are forced to watch terrible movies, all the while subjecting viewers to fits of laughter as they ridicule the film with hilarious commentary.  The lead antagonists Dr. Clayton Forrester and TV's Frank regularly send these terrible movies in their quest for world domination and their experiment to determine how watching bad movies will affect a person's mind, while Pearl Forrester, the Observer, and Professor Bobo continue the tradition in the later seasons.  The witty and original show brought to light a new genre of comedy that impacted and inspired thousands of people, and brought back otherwise lifeless movies and made them worth watching with hilarious commentary.  Now, years later the show is coming back with 14 brand new episodes planned to release in 2016.  As MST3K fans gear up for the reboot, why not watch it with the beloved cast of the original MST3K and the Satellite of Love - in Lego form!

The Lego Satellite of Love features:

  • The main characters from MST3K including Joel Robinson, Mike Nelson, Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, Gypsy, Cambot, Dr. Clayton Forrester, TV's Frank, Pearl Forrester, the Observer, and Professor Bobo.
  • The series of six doors are included down the top shaft of the doggy-bone shaped ship, they are fully functional and the top is removable so you can open and close them yourself when movie sign activates!
  • The two classic rooms:  The front top sphere is the bridge where the host segments are carried out, this includes invention exchanges and comedy routines between breaks in the movie.  The second room in the back top sphere is the Mystery Science Theater itself, where Joel, Mike, and the Bots are forced to watch the B movies.  Currently they are being entertained by the infamous Manos: The Hands of Fate.
  • Two extra rooms:  Though the lower two spheres are unexplained in the show, they have been fitted to include aspects of the show for this set.  In the front bottom sphere is Deep 13, it’s where Dr. Clayton Forrester and TV's Frank reside and send movies up to the Satellite of Love.  The last room is in the back bottom sphere, within lies Castle Forrester where Pearl Forrester, the Observer, and Professor Bobo send movies up to the Satellite of Love for the last few seasons while advancing their goal to rule the world.
  • The Lego Satellite of Love holds a sturdy design that meets the needs for both model display and play.
  • It also has a very detailed exterior and interior design of all rooms; almost every aspect of this set is accurate to the show.
  • All sides of each sphere are easily removable and re-attachable to allow space for play and viewing.  Each sphere may be completely removed entirely if one wishes, remove the back of the theater room and place your phone behind it instead, this allows you to watch an MST3K episode on your phone along with your Lego characters.

If you’re wondering how they eat and breathe and other science facts, then repeat to yourself:  It’s a Lego set, you should really just relax.  So grab your Master’s coat and put on your Rowsdower mustache, because in the not too distant future (perhaps next Sunday A.D.?) this fantastic Lego set could be yours.  Push the support button Frank!

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Note:  This project is the culmination of work that began on July 15, 2014.  As the Lego Digital Designer inventory has expanded I have been allowed to fully replicate everything I think should be present in a MST3K Lego set.  When I finally came to upload my project I found another MST3K project had been uploaded only a couple weeks before.  It’s very interesting that a project popped up right before I was about to upload mine, but nonetheless I would hope supporters and fans of MST3K would see how hard I’ve worked to recreate a fully functional Satellite of Love that truly represents the Mystery Science Theater 3000 series.

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