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The Bat Spaceship! (Patent Pending)


Uh-oh! Looks like Batman's greatest nemeses have assembled on the moon to commit some dag nasty evil! Good thing that Benny was on hand to help Bats build a wicked Bat space fighter to get him there fast to save the day!


My idea started as just the space craft inspired by Emmet during the Lego Movie when he said that Lord Business would expect them to arrive in a Bat/Sparkle/Pirate spaceship, to which Batman says "one of those sounds awesome to me". So, here is my take on what Batman would pilot into space in addition to a small moon rocket station operated by the Joker, the Riddler, and the Penguin. The set could go the small route and just include a special space-suit Batman mini-figure (featuring the proposed Bat-classic space graphic) and the ship, or be expanded to include the rocket station and a couple (or several) classic Batman villains in space suits. The set could also include Benny as a side kick in black classic space (as pictured).

I built up the ship in the Lego Digital Designer and uploaded the instructions to my Lego gallery and hope to have it available soon for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for looking!

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