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Classical Upright Piano


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Hello again,

          This is the most recent project that I made, and it is an upright piano. I tried to make it look very similar to the one my family has at home, and it turned out almost identical! In comparison, the only difference between the two is that the real one has a keyboard cover. 

          2 days ago, creating a piano was nothing but a vague idea. At first, the construction was intended to be an experiment for brainstorming, but as soon as I finished building the body I realized that this would actually make a decent Lego set, as anybody who values music can be proud to display something like this in their bedrooms. With some dedication, I completed the whole thing in the span of a day (during this time I also planned how I could make it better, and how I could tweak it). 

          In total, I counted about 200 parts: black 1x2 and 2x2 plates, black brackets, 1x1 slopes, 1x1 round studs, cones, 1x2 black bricks, 1x2 white plates as the keyboard, and a 1x2 tan plate for sheet music. The length of the body is relative to the length of an average hand.

          Please support and follow if you find this idea worth considering! :)