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Baby German Shephard


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This project is dedicated to all the fans of the original Baby Husky project, especially the ones who requested breeds of dogs to make.

One in particular i was able to make, and that is the German Shepherd, requested by Nightfurybuilder (Extra thanks!)

As with the Husky, it has articulation in the legs and a posable head. The head is made using the Lowell sphere method, and the rest is also the same basic design of the Husky.

But now you're probably thinking "But what about the Husky?" Don't worry; No Baby Huskies were harmed in the making of this set!

The price range would be $10-15 so anybody could afford it!

I might be making a few other spin off projects of my own, which are (and not limited to) Pug, Iron Husky, and Doge.

Thanks for your time and I hope you will support my Project!

Here is the link to the Baby Husky Project

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