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Ford Model T 1926 Coupe



Well we didn't quite get 10.000 supporters but I'm very grateful for all of you who has supported this little project. And who knows - some day a model T will be available as a lego model. :)

Once again thanks! :)


Model-T - now in colors!

First of a huge thanks to all of you for supporting. It means a lot. Thanks! :)

Second. Sorry mister Ford but I made a model-T in another color than black. But in this day and age, we need some sprucing up so here is the model-T in red and green. And to complete it all I added a 'chauffeur' to the set. Please enjoy - and don't forget to see the instruction video, like and support the project!



150 supporters!

I'm know there is a long way to 10.000 here. But I really appreciate you guys supporting this project! BIG thanks!
Just 9.850 to go! :)


Instructions video

A minor update here.

I made a little video of the LDD instructions. It's now possible to see the "assembly line construction" - time to mass produces! :)



New roof and all black!

As noted in the description I had some gray bricks in my model and thanks to a comment from LuisPG I imported my model in to the extended LDD.
Here I've changed the gray bricks to black and the Ford Model T is now truly all i black - all hail Henry Ford! :-)

At the same time as all the bricks were changed to black I had some thoughts about the roof.
In the original design the roof was a bit thick and had to big of a 'tilt' or slope to the edge. For that reason I've altered the roof slightly.

Please comment on which 'design' you prefer.
And finally a little teaser. There will be a new update soon with more changes to the original design, so stay tuned! :)

From old to 'new' old(?)

The new roof design from different angles.

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