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LeKo - a copying machine


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Welcome to the brand new world of LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots!

Did you know, …

…that you can build an NXT copying-machine with cheap ink?
…that you can get 15 of 15 point in school for a presentation of this robot?
…that this robot is inspiring people all over the world? Student from the Max-Planck-Gymnasiumin Lahr/Schwarzwald (Germany) are interested as well as Students from Shanghai Minhang-High-School in China.

But what is this robot?????
It’s very simple: A copying-machine!!!

But it’s not only a simple copier, it has a lot more Functions than you think. The robot is fully designed with LEGO technic parts and some extra adapted parts like the “read-/write head rail” and the guides for the paper which you have to put in. Programmed is the robot in LeJOS, an adapted java programming language for the NXT bricks.

A little overview over the functions:

Version 1
-programmed in LeJos (200 lines)
-can scan a Din A4 paper and print it out again
-resolution of 98*98 pixels

Version 4.7.01 build 361
-the program has a length of over 2700 lines
-printing, by making small point with a needle or pencil or by making lines from right to the left with a pencil
-resolution up to 150.544 pixels in a width of 18cm and an variable length
-possibility of converting an scanned template in 3D and printing the 3D-contours with a second color
-contours-mode: the robot only prints the contours of the template(much faster)
-Standbyfuction and optimized energy management so it’s possible to print out 5 copies in full resolution with one battery-charge.
-time delay, and battery delay to start printing and copying when you want
-calibration function, to print more than one time on one paper (e.g. for special effects)
-automatic width and height recognition of the pemplate to optimize speed and resolution
-detailed status information
-a huge settings menu:
**different quality’s
**how many copies you want with one template
**scan- and printing speed to reduce noise (night mode) or making a fast copies
**Volume settings
- etc………….

Why is this robot called “LeKO”?
The name comes from the German language and is the abbreviation for “LEGO Kopierroboter “, so in English “LEGO copying machine”

About me:
I’m 18 years old and I’m a student in the Max-Planck High school in Lahr/ Schwarzwald in Germany. I was always interested in technic , and I think it’s because of that, that I build this robot after I got one for Christmas and I’ve learned the LeJos language in school.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them :)

18.11.2013: 25 supporters :))
29.11.13: started to build the "LeKo" in the LDD Builder - see first image
if you want the building instruction and the LeKO-programm send me an message and I will help you :)
01.2014: finished in LDD Builder, but I am not able to make a building instruction. - Perhaps it is just my slow PC. I will retry it when I have a new one.
04.02.2014: started to make an official video of the LeKO
11.02.2014: added link to the brand new trailer (look at the top), and the link to download the trailer

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