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Search and Rescue Plane


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Here comes the search and rescue plane!

The aircraft capable of flying through difficult conditions and can be dispatched to remote areas to achieve difficult rescue and delivery missions. 

The model had play is minifigure scale and features and components that open. Open the fuselage to reveal the research station on board the aircraft, with workstations and seats that fit minifigures. Directly opposite the cockpit is the flight engineer's station, and across from it are instruments for search and rescue. There are compartments to store luggage and smaller cargo. 

Open the rear bay door to load and offload cargo and supplies at the destination! The aircraft can land in various terrain to access remote areas and pick up people and cargo. 

The model is constructed with small bricks rather then large pre-formed pieces in order to give it a sense of building a model. I was inspired by the UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) and previous Model Team sets for this build as I wanted to achieve a high level of detail. This build was thoroughly fun yet challenging at the same time which gives a sense of accomplishment in the build. For example, the cockpit was tricky to get that rounded semi concave shape and required a few different building techniques in order to achieve the most realistic look.

This would be a great set for anyone as it encompasses play features suitable for a younger crowd as well as it can be displayed for a collector or hobbyist. This would be a great addition to Legos's great library of model and UCS sets as there are not many of aircraft. 

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