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Legend of Zelda Boss Battles Series 1: Koloktos


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I present to you, Ancient Automan, aka Koloktos! This is the boss from the aincent cystern in Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. I like comments, and if you have any ideas, please put them in the comments, and I will consider them. If you like this set, please support. My estimated price is $30.

You can use his legs or his base.

On the left is a Link minifigure. It would be better with some printing on the shirt, pants, and goddess shield(you cannot get the hylian shield yet). In the middle is Link's whip. On the right is a Cursed Bokoblin, which Koloktos occasionally summons in the second part of the battle. Although it is unnecisary, I thought it would be fun to make. I used paint to make the color edits, and I "cut" off the horn.

A close-up of his head.

Koloktos with his legs. All images rendered by WipeoutZone.

I couldn't make the axes from the beginning of the battle because the piece I want to use isn't in LDD. I can't show you either because I ran out of room.

Every so often I will release a new project for the series.

1. Koloktos
2. Moldarach
3. Scervo
4. Tentalus

I might change the supporter numbers if this project gets a lot of supporters really quickly.

I hope you like it.
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