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Clash of Clans

Minecraft is a video game. It worked great on Cuusoo. So why not Clash of clans?

The picture above shows all of the different buildings, defenses, people, etc.
To the left are wall pieces, a cannon, an archer tower, and a mortar.
In the middle is the base plate. The base plate is designed so that you can buy multiple sets and connect their base plates together.
Above the base plate is the town hall, a barracks, an army camp, and some people. The green people are goblins, the yellow people are barbarians, and the pink are archers.
To the right is a tree, a rock, two builder's huts, two Elixir Collectors, two Elixir storages, two gold storages, and two gold mines.

You can connect two sets together and make your own game. Or just make a bigger fortress.

If this idea works then there could be mores sets with wizard towers, upgraded walls, more people, and much more.

Thank you for viewing my idea, and maybe I can get some more pictures of things if I get enough supporters.

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