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Oron Elite VS Ranex Warrior


On the desert world of Oron live the citizens influenced by the army of Oron elites. Robots covered in titanium and armed with a arsenal of gadgets and weapons like the shoulder mounted rockets, jet packs and pulsar blasters. Oron is no longer safe as it is being invaded by the fiery and ruthless warriors from the planet Ranex. Tall ash covered being which only purpose is to burn. Armed with a solar torch that can cut through almost anything and with a lava spit, these Ranex warriors will be a challenge for even the best Oron elite.

I made this set as I love the Bionicle building system and creating MOCS from it. I used my favorite Lego function is used as the shoulder mounted rocket on the Oron elite and the pulsar blaster is made from one of the most popular functions today. I got the idea of the Ranex warrior from my favorite element (fire), and gave it an evil twist with the ash. I gave the Ranex warrior a torch as I wanted the build to have a unique weapon towards with his color scheme/ element. this would be a good set as it uses the technic system, which a lot of people enjoy and the CCBS system, which a lot of people also like.

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