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Technic Muscle Car


This vibrant yellow American muscle car is my initial creation to appear here on Lego Ideas. Constructed from many pieces originating in the 8053 Mobile Crane set, this product has a lot to offer the user!

The model itself includes fully functional steering, adjustable seats, lockable doors and an opening/closing boot. The front of the product is embellished with the Technic logo and head lights cut through clouds of mist with ease! The interior is decorated with racing seats, a dashboard, complete with buttons, a gear stick and most importantly - a steering wheel!

In the rear, beneath the oscillating boot, is a custom produced and designed engine to provide the model with a growl! 

Stickers provide extra decoration for the model and flat tiles add depth to the bonnet.

In a way, the product slightly resembles a cross between a 2015 Ford Mustang and a Chevrolet Camaro.