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The Witch's Potions Shop

What is it?

Meet The Witch's Potion Shop! The customer orders the necessary potion from the assistant, and the witch manufactures the potion according to the order. On the outside, there's a sign indicating that this is where potions are made and sold, and also a large pot where the assistant boils the ingredients. The owl by the door informs the witch that a guest has arrived.
On the first floor, there are various potions and scrolls. The unique pattern of the floor was inspired by the work of the artist Mondrian. If you go up the ladder to the second floor, you can see the workshop where the witch works.
On the second floor, there is a witch's workbench, a cabinet with books, ores, her wand and other items, and a desk and chair. The witch's workbench has a mortar for grinding materials, an empty bottle that has not yet been filled. She studies at her desk whenever she has time, and sometimes watches stars through a telescope on her balcony late at night.

Why did you build it?

I wanted to express a good witch who helps people, not a creepy and scary witch that often appears in fairy tales or movies. In order to create this bright atmosphere, the color of the building is mainly expressed in white, lavender, and dark purple, and the pearl gold color for highlighting the model. It was also designed as an asymmetrical building as a whole to represent the witch's own mystique, and the top of the roof was decorated with horns. The floor used dark green to emphasize the light-tone building.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?

This model is a great play set and a fancy display set. The series of stories that take orders from customers, create their own potions, and sell them is enough to stimulate your imagination. The effect of each potion has not been decided yet! You can decide yourself! Also, the color scheme using striking colors is good for interior design.

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