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Imperial Cargo Shuttle


Rogue One, a movie detailing the discovery of the death star plans, and how to destroy the space station, was named after this imperial shuttle.  This Imperial Cargo Shuttle that the rebels stole was essential in the attack on Scarif to transmit the plans to the rebel fleet.  Disguised as an ordinary cargo shuttle they were allowed to land on the planet.  Little did the empire know that the shuttle was full of rebel troops ready to deploy.  To my dismay, "Rogue One," (the shuttles name) has not been released in Lego.  This important spacecraft includes a cockpit area that can hold a minifig (preferably Bodhi Rook.)  The top plates can be removed to place cargo and other minifigs.  Third, the side panels can be lifted up to add more interior space and can be closed manually or by sliding the wings into flight position.  Lastly, there are two spring loaded shooters on the wings to fire at enemies!

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