Product Idea

Remember Castle

Recently, I started looking for old LEGO catalogs and advertisements.

I love to watch them and return in my childhood when I played with Castle, Classic Space and Town themes (now City).

I had my first set (Castle 6102) in 1985 at the age of 6, at the time I imagined that at night the minifigs were alive and lived their own adventures.

So I created this little scene where a Forestmen gives up a treasure on a way for that knights to find, then he wait the result. What will happen?

For the decor, I relied on the beautiful packaging of the time by recreating a brick box with a background in 3D effect.

I hope you enjoy this project that will certainly make you nostalgic and will make you rethink at your favorite LEGO set or theme.

This project could become a springboard for a new theme called Remember.

Number of pieces  with minifigs : 320

Minifigs : 3

This model was built using LEGO Digital Designer.

Thank you in advance to all those who will support this project.

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