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Griffon Hovercraft


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This set was designed as a Lego City Hovercraft playset. It is based on the Griffon Hoverwork Limited's model 2400TD hovercraft.

When I started this project the challenge was to create a realistic skirt and fan duct. The size of the skirt dictated the size of the model but this turned out to be perfect for minifigures and allowed for a very scale appearance. I eventually came up with a duct design that worked and would not fall apart if touched!

For play there are four hinged gull-wing doors and the body is built in three removable sections which gives full access to the interior. The set would include a pilot, crew and passengers.

Building the fan duct may be more of a challenge than usual for a lego set, however, the duct can be built flat on a building board which would make construction much simpler and ensure that the duct is circular and that the fan was centred correctly. 

The set could either be a stand-alone product or coloured to fit in with a theme - for example the orange hovercraft could have been part of the Artic explorer range or the police could have the blue and white model.

The set has 1200 pieces, the skirt measures 187mm x 406mm and the model is 170mm tall to the top of the light on the mast. Four domes on the underside allow the model to 'float' a few millimeters above the ground.

I hope you like this project.






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