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SpaceX Starship - on Mars


Please click the link above to enjoy this 3D LEGO model of the SpaceX Starship. It can be viewed in VR on a smart phone.

The SpaceX Starship has had many iterations, starting out as the BFR. Thanks to its fully reusable superheavy booster capabilities (up to 100,000 kg payload), this baby is going to eventually get us back to the Moon and then onto Mars (thanks Elon!).

This is a Mars based LEGO IDEAs set, hence no stage-one rocket booster (which returns safely back to Earth), just the beautiful Starship with its stainless steel alloy skin in all its shiny glory. 

The Starship has an anticipated launch cost of around $2 Million USD when launched from Earth, which is only a tiny fraction of what it used to cost to go into outer space, and has the ability to land and be reused over and over again instead of crashing into the ocean, or onto the surface of Mars somewhere.

This is a fun little project with only 449 LEGO bricks including the Martian launch pad, a rover and communications transport vehicle made in microscale to keep to the Starship's scale.

Exciting times. Go SpaceX, go Elon Musk, and go humanity!



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