Product Idea

LEGO Knight On Galloping Horse Kinetic Sculpture

 A Kinetic LEGO sculpture of a Knight on a Galloping Horse. This model consists of roughly about 800 Lego elements and captures the galloping movement of a horse. It also has the function of being powered by a Lego power functions M motor or  powered manually (By crank). The body of the horse rocks back and forth as the horse gallops and by the turn or rotation of the crank. To be exact,  For every one rotation of the crank (Or Motor) the body of the horse rocks two times back and forth. Around the base of the model,  I created some knight related builds such as the two castles on the sides of the base, the duel against two knights on the back and, a weapon rack or accessories that knights carry on the other side. This was all done to cover up the mechanism that is making the horse gallop.  The model took several attemps to make the most realistic kind of horse galloping effect or motion. I have a full video on my Youtube channel (FastLegoStudios) showing and demonstrating the mechanism as well as some insight on how the model went together. Here is the link to that video: