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The White House


This lego project is a mini version of The White House (In America). The White House is where the president of America lives and at the moment, living there is Donald J Trump. The White House is an amazing and cool building.                   

With this set you get everything in the pictures above. The White House its self, the gardens of the white house and a 16x16 baseplate. This set is quite a small set and is very easy to build. It is recommended for anyone and even children could build it. 

 I built this set because I am starting to get into architecture and modular builds. I had a very fun time building it and if this gets 10,000 people supporting it, I hope you do too. I have more ideas of other famous buildings coming soon so I hope you like them too.

I would really like it if you would please support my project and help it get to 10,000 supporters.

                                                                              Thank you.