Brick-built Codename: Kids Next Door Characters

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             Codename: Kids Next Door was a Cartoon Network original series from 2002 that was well-received by viewers. It was about five 10-year-old heroes who are part of an all-child organization called the Kids Next Door (KND). These five operatives are known as Sector V and go by Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2, Numbuh 3, Numbuh 4, and Numbuh 5 while based in a high-tech treehouse and fighting adult supervillains by using 2x4 Technology.

Even though the series ended in 2008, its creator Mr. Tom Warburton really wants to make a sequel series entitled “Galactic Kids Next Door” which had been turned down at this moment. However, if this project passes the review, Cartoon Network could finally greenlight the proposed sequel series!

This project is a mission to propose a Codename: Kids Next Door LEGO set with five brick-built figures of the Sector V operatives.

Numbuh 5 / Abby Lincoln (154 pieces)
Numbuh 4 / Wally Beatles (153 pieces)
Numbuh 3 / Kuki Sanban (120 pieces)
Numbuh 2 / Hoagie Gilligan, Jr. (159 pieces)
Numbuh 1 / Nigel Uno (138 pieces)

Total: 724 pieces!

I initially wanted to add accessories for Sector V, but I decided against it for now. However, I could add their 2x4 Technology accessories such as the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. in an update.

I believe this may make a great LEGO set because Cartoon Network has a strong partnership with The LEGO Group, since both have brought Adventure Time and The Powerpuff Girls into LEGO Dimensions. I also believe children of today would enjoy the TV series!

Any KND operative who votes on this project must share it with everyone across the world.

Oh, and I’d like to say one last thing:    “Kids Next Door, BATTLE STATIONS!!!”