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Galaxy Troopers Power Armor


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The Galaxy Troopers Power Armor fights known space´s most powerful menaces to peace and security. When missions in unknown sectors puts them in touch with new civilizations, first a peaceful contact should be attempted. If this is not possible, one must report the new threat. The helmet with control sensors replaces the manual controls, and its powerful weapons have electromagnetic clamps that allow for a fast draw.

The Heavy Gunner complements the firepower of the Power Armor with two powerful personal cannons that can be loaded thanks to its enhanced armor. The helmet controls leaves his hands free use, allowing him to wield two additional weapons. He will have the effective power of a small army.

Nobody knows why this little green alien is angry. The Galaxy Troopers have run into him and they must find out whether their civilization is hostile or only having a tantrum. But communications are challenging... and his Micro-Spaceship is very fast!

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