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Hazmats for Zombies - Limited Edition Brickheadz 4-Pack


The Limited Edition BrickHeadz series is fun to build and recreates four iconic minifigures from years past. Build these Hazmat & Zombie minifigures and pair them with their minifigure of the same type (included)! The four figures in this series stand on collector’s baseplates with the BrickHeadz icon for easy display at home, work or anywhere you like.

  • Contains x4 Brickheadz figures: Hazmat Guy, Medical Scientist (based on the Astor City Scientist), Zombie Businessman and Zombie Skateboarder
  • Contains x4 Minifigures: Hazmat Guy, Astor City Scientist, Zombie Businessman and Zombie Skateboarder
  • Have fun growing your BrickHeadz collection with a new spin on these classic characters!

Hazmat Guy:

This is a job for the Hazmat Guy! Er, do you smell something funny?” When you’ve got a bad case of hard-headed zombies in your city, the hard-working Hazmat Guy is just the fellow to call. Whether the job involves cleaning up old apartments or going down into the sewers, he’s always ready to put on his airtight protective suit, grab his hi-tech equipment, and make the streets safe and tidy once more.

Baseplate: Series 4 - Hazmat Guy Symbol

Zombie Skateboarder:

This is the perfect spot for an awesome new stunt!OR so he thought! To the Zombie Skateboarder, the whole city was one big skate park. No matter where he went in town, everything around him had looked like just the right location for a mind-blowing skateboarding stunt - unfortunately he was right!

Baseplate: Series 1 Skater - Skull Symbol

Zombie Businessman:

Coffeeeeeeeeeee…” The Zombie Businessman is an extremely dedicated worker. Every evening, his alarm goes off up at the crack of dusk and he shambles off to work the all-night shift in his cubicle at a big office building. He files for hours: organizing, optimizing, zombie-ing. His speech may sound a little funny, and he may not be the snappiest of dressers, but his co-workers haven’t noticed that he’s a zombie yet (maybe in a way...they're zombies too!?)

Baseplate: Series 14 Zombie Businessman - "Zombie Times" Tile

Medical Scientist:

Who knows where zombies come from? Hazmat Guy knows how to handle the problem, but the Medical Scientist's only wish is to see the problem cured - if possible! This disease-fighting specialist, side-burns and all, is on a mission to help everyone he can. Deep down inside he knows that Zombie Businessman just wants to keep his coffee inside his insides! And that people all over the city miss seeing Zombie Skateboarder roll up and down stairs, along railings and through fountains. The streets...just aren't the same without him and his famous skateboard!

Baseplate: Caduceus Symbol from Classic City - Ambulance & Hospital sets