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Miscreant Lemon


I think this model can be a nice addition for Ultra Agents line, where most of the sets uses a lot of black color. So I create this in yellow so they can contrast and complement them.

I believe kids today would like more complicated yet fun play with police - villain theme. When the good guys always have the big gun, helicopters, jets, etc there would be not much a story when they play. Soon the bad guy would be captured quickly so the kids stops creating more story.

So I suggest that we made more 'regular' bad guy, not a super bad guy like inferno or something like that. But this regular guy should be a mechanical genius, so he can create a fast car, and a very powerfull weapon.

I named this model Miscreant Lemon Car because it is use by a villain and the color yellow's like a lemon fruit. Perhaps LEGO company would also create a yellow suit bad guy for this model car.


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