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Riverstreet Bakery



This is the first part I finished of a connectable series of sets called Riverstreet I am currently working on.
All sets will be roughly the same size (around 1350 bricks). They can be connected together, each part having a river run along the front side. The buildings are all going to be constructed in a simular european style and fit together nicely.

The Bakery

The ground level consists of an oven, a table and a shelve filled with freshly baked goods.
The secound floor has a small kitchen, a sofa and a dining table with three chairs.
On the third floor is a bed with a nightstand table on each side.

The Ice Cream Shop

The Ground level consists of  an ice cream display, two fridges and a shelf that holds cups.
On the secound floor is a table with a chair.

Bricks: 1337
Minifigures: baker, ice cream seller, old man, father, child

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