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Clash of Lego's


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Do you know this game on ipad called clash of clans?yes, well now no need for an ipad to play clash of clans because it is now out for lego's. This is a starter kit to start your clash of lego's base.


it contains the following:

  • 1 cannon
  • 1 barack
  • 1 HQ
  • 1 elixir generater
  • 1 gold mine
  • 1 campfire
  • 1 gold storage
  • 1 elixir storage
  • 1 archer tower
  • 4 trees


I made this project because i find it really anoying if something like your ipad got broken or your grounded because i cannot play clash of clans or other games. So i made this clash of lego's (which is clash of clans out of lego's )so that i can play clash of clans without an ipad.


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