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Family Suburban Home


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All my life I have been building large family homes with ornate designs and unique details. Many people have said that these builds have the potential to become official Lego sets. But the Lego Ideas team seem to have only accepted relatively small sets. But now with the recent approval of the Fisherman house set, I have decided to try and submit one of my own sets into the site.

This set includes

  • ​A sliding door
  • 2 floors
  • Kitchen with many drawers, fridge, sink, and island counter.
  • Dining table with 4 seats
  • Beautiful porch with ornate windows
  • Brick built lower layer
  • overhead balcony
  • lots and LOTS of windows!
  • Bathroom complete with checkered floor, toilet, sink, and shower!
  • lots of foliage
  • Bedroom with colorful bed, a painting, a shelf and a door to the balcony.

 This is a fairly simple house, but I feel that many people will get tons of fun building and playing with this.

This set was built using the Lego Digital Designer program. (It is amazing, by the way!) This contains about 2050 pieces.

Houses and buildings overall in Lego has a mass public appeal. That's why the lego creator modular sets do so well! I feel like this set will be able to gain, if not 10,000 supporters at least 3000. This is my first project on the site, so I would be ecstatic if we get that many people to support this! Thank you, don't forget to support, and have a nice day!