Orbis Flying Eye Hospital MD-10

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Orbis international is a charity with the sole aim of curing preventable and avoidable blindness and eye issues in developing countries of the world, and is part of a global effort to stop preventable blindness by 2020. Orbis is famous for its main tool in this mission, the Orbis flying eye hospital. First used in 1982 as a DC-8 donated by united airlines, the flying eye hospital is a ophthalmic hospital and teaching facility housed in an aircraft, and serves as Orbis's front line tool to treat patients in developing countries and to help hand on vital medical skills to the doctors in those countries. To date, the Orbis flying eye hospital has visited 92 countries and treated over 23.3 million people, alongside enhancing the medical skills of over 325,000 medical staff in developing countries. In July 2016, Orbis revealed it's third generation flying eye hospital, an MD-10 donated by FedEx, that I have here recreated in LEGO to celebrate the new aircraft!

The Project

This is my LEGO recreation of the Orbis flying eye hospital MD-10 that was launched in July 2016. It is a near minifigure scale recreation of an MD-10 aircraft, complete with the blue details and Orbis logo on the tail fin. The project is intended to be a displayable set, as well as a playable one with its detailed interior. the exterior of the plane features the iconic three engines of a DC-10 and an MD-10 (both used by Orbis in the past) It also features large but lightweight wings, and a detailed nose cone. The interior of the plane has many details of the flying eye hospital. Towards the front of the aircraft is the flight crew seats and the galley area where food and drink are prepared in flight. Slightly further back from this is the seating area and classroom, here the medical staff sit while in flight, and when on the ground, medical lessons are conducted here with images from the operating room broadcast to the television screen on the wall. 

Just behind the seating area is the audiovisual control room, here the broadcasts from the operating room are controlled as well as any communications from other medical staff who may be connecting to the broadcast from around the world. The next room back is the laser eye surgery room. This is where patients have their sight corrected using laser eye surgery, the room also features a window in the corridor so students can look in on the procedures to learn. Just next door is the communications center, here communications with the ground and the on board medical equipment are controlled and monitored. The next room back from that and the largest on the plane is the operating room. Here life changing surgery is conducted on patients with more complex eye conditions, all while broadcast to the students at the front of the plane to learn how they can do the surgery themselves, and thus, pass on the vital medical knowledge at the core of Orbis's mission. Just behind the operating room is the sterilization room, it is here that medical equipment is sterilized for surgery and the scrub sink is for surgeons about to enter the operating room. The final room at the back of the plane is the recovery room. In here, patients who have had surgery in the operating room lie and recover while talking to their family and nurses about how their operation went. It is also here that many people see for the first time after having a successful surgery. All rooms have been carefully recreated in LEGO on board to as best as possible recreate the interior of this wonderful plane. The project includes nine minifigures, two pilots, two doctors/surgeons, two nurses, a laser eye surgeon and two flight crew. 

If this project interests you, and you would like to see it as an official LEGO set, then why not consider supporting it, it only takes a few seconds! 

If you would like to find out more about Orbis and their amazing plane, visit their website here (uk website)

This project is in no way intended to advertise or campaign for Orbis international, it is solely to present a concept for the Orbis flying eye hospital aircraft itself to be possibly considered as a set. Information on Orbis international is only provided to add context to the project and inform readers about what the flying eye hospital does. 

Thanks for looking at this project, and as always, Happy building!