Batman: The chase for Mr. Freeze

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This set is called the chase for Mr. Freeze. The set contains four minifigures, seven accessories, and three vehicles.

Batman must stop Mr. Freeze from freezing Gotham City. Batman can't stop him alone so he calls in Nightwing, the grownup original Robin. Only you can put Mr. Freeze to justice.

The four minifigures in the set are Batman with a batarang, Nightwing with two blades, Mr. Freeze with his freeze ray, and Mr. Freeze's Goon with a snowball gun.

This is the Ice-Bat Scraper. It contains an opening cockpit with a roof, a flickfire missile on the roof, six scrapers (four on the front and two on the back), and a large exhaust flame in the back.

This is Nightwing's Nightcycle. It contains a spot to attach a grappling hook, two compartments for his two blades, and a moving lever on the front.

This is Mr. Freeze's Ice Car. It contains a large compartment for accessories underneath the large dome piece, a cockpit for both Mr. Freeze and his Goon, and two mini freeze rays on the front of the vehicle.